Why Do Artifacts Should Be Returned?

Introduction to Artifacts

Do you think that artifacts should be returned to there original regions of origin? Well, I think they should be, I think this because if artifacts are taking away from there origin a lot of the time they lose their context and there culture loses apart of there history. Another reason I think so because of extraessay review by writingpapersucks.com and they say they should be returned is, most of the time they don't even know were these outstanding artifacts come from. Lastly, they could be stolen from people that have no money and can sell them for a high price and make some money. All in all, that's why I think that the crazy important artifacts should be returned. The first reason I think that they should return the artifacts is, archaeologists have no clue were the artifacts truly came from. I know this because in passage 1, paragraph 2 the author states, " However, artifacts that have been at museums for decades or even centuries may have arrived there by dubious means." All in all, that is why these beautiful artifacts should be returned from there origin or place of living. The second reason that I think that the artifacts should be returned is, if they are taken away from there origin they lose their context and there culture loses apart of their history.

A Family Heirloom

Just like if a family heirloom is broken or taking away I know this because in Passage 1, Paragraph 5 the passage states," Many cultural artifacts and works of art have special cultural value for a particular community or nation. When these works are removed from their cultural setting they lose context and the culture loses apart of its history." That is the is the second reason that I know that the artifacts should be returned to the original home. Lastly, I think that artifacts should be returned is a lot of people steal the artifacts without the place of origin knowing it. I know this because in passage 3, paragraph 21 the author quotes," The Getty, which had brought the statue in 1988 for $18 million, returned to Italy in 2011 after Italian prosecutors found that it had been looted, Illegally exported and sold by dealers who very likely dissembled about its provenance." Furthermore, that is why ancient cultural artifacts should be returned. In conclusion, I think that artifacts should be returned to their original origin. I know this because the archaeologists have no clue where the artifacts came from. Another reason, they lose there worth and there religion loses something for there culture. Lastly, they could be robbed by people who want money. All in all, that's why artifacts should be returned to there original origin. More info here: <a href="https://www.writingpapersucks.com/essay-writing-service-reviews/"> www.writingpapersucks.com/essay-writing-service-reviews/</a>

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